The HORNG SHENG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer for tension control series products, we make efforts in abundant products and superior technology, which resulted various of Industrial machinery, automation, man power saving, becomes more high-speed and more high-precision, the high precision full automatic taper tension device, which was developed in according to the above conceptions, have obtained the Certificate of Patent from Taiwan (ROC), and People’s Republic of China (PRC), the device have under employing in many domestic industries, and got well appreciations, the device is easy in operation, all use the digital display, have a results of well look and uniformly, to get the tension-gradual-decreasing in the moderate loose-allowance, it cannot damage to the material elasticity, enough to promote the user’s product competitive.

How to call tension-gradual-decreasing(taper tension)?

For soft material ( such as thin film, aluminum foil, polarized-light film, plastics etc) and special material, paper, under processing ( such as printing, fitting, drenches the membrane, strip dividing, re-winding etc.), such as using the constant tension control for winding, using high-tension or low tension, the winded material will become a state of extrusion or loosing, which caused the material deformation, if employed the high-precision fully automatic taper tension device, during winding, the tension will slowly decreasing, the winded material can produce so proper loose allowance, that the material will not fall-off. And when material winding, will not become crack, corrugation, waves, and loosing, while use the high-precision fully automatic taper tension device, will increase the fine rate, reduce the defective lose, made the steady quality, and make product more competitive.