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High-precision Fully Automatic Taper Tension Device

Taper Tension Controller

(The product has patent registered)

The product patent registered.
High precision, easy operation
Multiple function, digital display.
Tension set with LED digital display .
Easy installation.


Fully Automatic Tension Controller

Scope of application: printing, papermaking, fitting, Re-winder, (Multi-winder) strip dividing, drenches the membrane, bag making, wind-out, wind-receive of industrial machines.

Useful in: paper, special material, thin film, plastics, aluminum foil, textile product, Copper plate/sheet, steel plate/sheet, aluminum alloy plate/sheet.. etc. of the material.


High-precision Diametral winding Automatic Tension Controller

A high-precision controller with ratio calculation type.
Material thickness, radius, easy setting, simply operation.
Panel board outlet show with %, LED digital display.
In case main engine shut down, the outlet having enlarge function.
Terminal: outlet ON/OFF switch.
Terminal: outlet magnetic powder brake, clutch 0~24V(3.2A maximum)
Terminal: outlet 0~10V(DC)


Diametral winding Automatic Tension Controller


Tension Meter

Micro-offset detective tension, high stability, produce an outlet voltage, is a high-precision tension meter
Easy for adjusting, high accuracy, easy for operation.


Micro Location Offset Tension Sensor

The sensor can support the weight of heavy guide-wheel, which made the detected tension in steady and accuracy

Scope of can operation






H-50、H-100 H-300

Micro Location Offset Tension Sensor

The sensor is made of integrated cast of meehanite cast iron, Model H-50, available for 360º directional installation.

The types we can make for H-50





Torque Frequency transformer


Torque frequency transformer + normal three-phase motor.
The torque tension itself can be manual adjusted, also can collocate the Micro Location Offset Tension Sensor or High-precision fully automatic tension decreasing controller.
Can reach to the functions such as torque, wind-receive, wind-out and tension control.


De-electrostatic Cleaning Brush

The device is made of extra fine carbon fiber, high security, will not produce the ozone.
Anti electromagnetic, fatigue endurable, low resistance, good electro-conductibility, high rate dissipation of de-electrostatic.


De-electrostatic Cleaning Cloth


Printer, fitter (label doubler) re-winder, strip divider, bag blower, papermaker, film blower etc, the portion where needs de-electrostatic, after installed the De-electrostatic Cleaning brush /Cloth, have a high rate dissipation of de-electrostatic.


De-electrostatic Cleaning Cloth (Ribbon)


High durable, thermal resistant, easy installation. Various length or wide is available during place an ordering.


Plastics, thin film, paper etc, where needs De-electrostatic Cleaning, may use a special purpose fixer, Easy to install (not needs drill holes to fix).


Blowing type Ion Electrostatic Annihilator (Ion fan)


Good look of appearance, the fan volume and fan angles, may adjustable at random. A single, twin, or over triple fans are selectable during place an order. The voltage of 110V or 220V are selectable during ordering.


Vacuum forming, screen printing, semiconductor, IC component, LED component, PC board, packer(packing machine), plastics products, electroplating fore-treating, mold wrapping machine etc, can helps you to troubleshoot the electrostatic for various machines.

Pneumatic Shaft(Air Shaft)

Can make the key bar or lath type, 1” ,2”,3” 4”,5”, 6”…...up to 12” sizes.

Replace the inner plastics tube and repair for each branded devices.

Axis winding slip-differential collar

Scope of purpose:

Paper tube cutting machine, printing, fitting, re-winding, strip divider, drenches the membrane, bag making etc, wind-out, wind-receive of industrial machines.

May use in:

Paper, special material, thin film, plastics, textile products, steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate etc of the material paper tube.

Edge Position Control System (EPC automatic side-facing machine)

Automatic side-facing device.
Automatic / manual side-facing device.
Automatic / center re-position side-facing device.
Automatic / manual / center re-position side-facing device.

Other Products

C-20, ESP-TS, HS-1000, HS-2000, HS-3000, HS-4000

EIKO Tension Controller


EIKO Tension Sensor

Modifying engineering for additional machine function

Magnetic Powder Clutch

Replace the bearing or magnetic powder and inner parts.

Magnetic Powder Brake

Replace the bearing or magnetic powder and inner parts.

Electrostatic Cleaning-Bar (Electrostatic suppressing-Bar)

Electrostatic Discharge, Electrostatic Cleaning-Ware (Electrostatic Suppressor)